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When it comes to casino games, few have endeared themselves to players from all walks of life like online slots, and over here at All Slots Casino, you’ll get to play only the best! Allow your imagination to take off as you leap into our world of perfectly realised online slots, crafted by the world’s best creators of games of chance – Microgaming. Delve into worlds of fantasy, adventure, romance, buccaneering and all manner of storylines that appeal to discerning adult gamers once you’ve registered your All Slots Casino account. A world of fun and possibilities can be found on your PC, your laptop and even within the highly technological confines of your smartphone. Here at All Slots Casino we’ve got something for everyone. Our range of online slots goes from casino games of incredible simplicity to ones that employ high-end graphics and sounds, and immersive plots that merge with innovative win-enhancing features. All Slots Casino truly has the best online slots.

Online Slots: A Quick Look Back

Nowadays, to play online slots, one needs simply to register an account with a licensed and regulated casino such as All Slots. But it wasn’t always this way. There are varying accounts but the official story about the origin of the slot game goes all the way back to a man named Charles Fey who in 1895 developed the first slot machine known as the Liberty Bell. This machine laid the groundwork for an industry that today accounts for the majority of games found inside any casino, be it land-based or online. While the intricate mechanical components have given way for a complete software and digitised framework, online slots still hold on to all the tropes and traits that made these casino games so popular in the first place. Play online slots with us and if it’s your first time, feel free to try out our $1 500 deposit welcome bonus.

Slot Machine Online Variations

Here at All Slots Casino we’ve got all manner of slot machine online variations. In essence, these exciting casino games can all be subdivided into three key categories, namely classic slots, video slots and progressive slots. Our range of classic slots is the perfect marriage of old school slots gaming and modern technology. These games hold on to the time-honoured traditional aspects of slots gaming, derived mainly from what many still call one-armed bandits. Combined with sleek modern features, these simple casino games offer up the online slot experience in its purest form.

Next up are our video slots, the largest segment of games you’ll find at All Slots. Video slots represent the zenith of online slots. These games are what happens when the best of everything within the space and rules of slot machine online technology is combined. The results are games that offer players the most immersive, engrossing and innovative forms of entertainment within the sphere of online slots. Lastly there are our coveted progressive slots, the games with the biggest possible and attainable jackpots. These jackpots don’t come easy and require more from players in order to stand a chance, but the rewards if attained are life-changing. Progressive slots are also notable for their flexible nature; these games can be both classic or video slots and because of the way they work, can transcend their slot bodies to inhabit roulette games also.

We’ve Got Free Online Slots Too!

At All Slots Casino we believe that players should have the choice to play slots online for free or for real. This is why we offer free online slots, or more appropriately, demo online slots. Aside from our progressive slots, players can enjoy each and every one of our slots for free, at absolutely no cost. Playing slots for free isn’t just a great way to pass the time, it’s also a great way learn all the intricacies of the games before embarking on the quest for real rewards. At All Slots we have a saying: get to know your game before you play your game.


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