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Play Tomb Raider Online Slots Today

Some fictional characters have so much appeal, they have the power to appear in any number of forms or formats. Lara Croft, the star of the Tomb Raider Online Slots game is one of those characters. Her appeal is so strong that she’s been able to carry feature films, video games, and, clearly, online casino games, with charm and style. Tomb Raider, one of the first online slots games to capture a huge online audience, continues to draw players with the best of them, proving that the classics never lose their appeal.

Although Lara is the star of the game, the sexy and stylish adventurer is only one of the attractions when it comes to Tomb Raider online slots. You get a whole lot more in five reels and 15 pay lines. Actually, you get more than one Lara. There is the Crouching Lara symbol and the Gun-Toting Lara, both are fun because they help create a broader image of her activities out in the treasure hunt. There is also an ancient idol, a tiger, and an assortment of special symbols that make the game even more lively.

Fun with Real Money Slots

Action and adventure is great, especially for movies and video games. But for online casino games, the most attractive quality is the opportunity for large and frequent pay outs. And Tomb Raider is ready to help. The Tomb Raider logo is a wild symbol that helps complete pay lines by replacing any other symbol on the reels other than the scatter symbol to complete a pay line. That makes it easier to win, since there are far more combinations available than there would be without the wild symbol.

The other great symbol is the scatter, which in the Tomb Raider takes the form of gun-toting Lara. So it makes sense that the Lara character would be something of a wild card since being unpredictable and daring is part of her character. It only takes two scatter symbols anywhere on the reels at the same time to win a payout. When three or more appear, the magic starts. Or rather, that’s when the free spins start, which is even better than magic because free spins can lead to payouts. Best of all, all winnings are tripled during the free spins.

Look for the All Slots Bonus

Since Tomb Raider has always been one of the most popular games at All Slots Casino, it makes sense that the game would also be a popular draw for tournaments and other special promotions. The game’s enduring popularity is a testament to the theory that the classics never go out of style. But in the case of Tomb Raider, there may be more to the story. Besides the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, Lara has one more special feature to offer, and it’s called the Idol Bonus Game.

When three or more idol symbols appear at the same time on the reels, it triggers the special bonus round. In the game, 12 idols appear and each is hiding a secret value. The player gets to choose a number of idols, depending on how many triggered the game, and gets to keep the value of the one’s he or she picks.

It’s all part of the game’s enormous charm, which is obvious as soon as the reels start spinning and the symbols start to appear. The graphics and sound effects help create an atmosphere that players often find they don’t want to leave. And it stands to reason that the game would appeal across the generations. It proves the universal appeal of Lara Croft – and the opportunity to test one’s luck with real money.