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Non-Stop Casino Action at All Slots this Month

The month of March is a time of hope and renewal, when people anticipate the new season and everything that they hope that it brings. For individuals living in the Northern Hemisphere, March indicates the onset of spring while for Southern Hemisphere residents, winter is approaching. Casino gamers around the world are looking forward to this March when the All Slots Casino breaks out a brand new promotion. There’s non-stop casino action at All Slots this month in which big cash payouts are added to existing game wins and other casino rewards.

Over the course of the month of March you have over two dozen different bonus opportunities, providing you with the chance to acquire the casino’s March give-aways in a way that meets your particular gaming preferences.


Throughout the year All Slots players are presented with monthly contests and draws that give them extra chances to earn extra casino cash, credits and points. The advantage of participating in these events is that no additional deposits are required to opt into the contest and you won’t lose any of your existing payouts through additional betting. Everything that you achieve through the contest involves an added payout.

Every day of every contest gives you another chance to boost your existing wins. In the past, monthly casino contests at All Slots have included themes of pirates, passports and parties for summertime fun, eggstravaganza bonanzas for Easter, Wheels of Riches for New Years, Cupid’s Arrows for Valentine’s Day, sweepstakes, Pharoahs and much more. Now the March non-stop casino action at All Slots offers you a personalized promotional adventure that gives you a new challenge and new prizes every single day of the month.


March has always been a major month in the world’s history, bringing good tidings and many surprises. The expression “mad as a March hare” refers to the wild nature of the month in which wild winds blow and many individuals act in a silly manner.

March was so-named by the Romans in the 1st century B.C.E. They named the month – which was the first month of the Roman calendar – “March” after their god of war, Mars. According to the Romans Mars was originally an agricultural god. He was said to be especially powerful in the spring – a time of regeneration. Mars was the father of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome and, as such, was worshipped as a protector.

The famous Ides of March commemorates Julius Caesar’s assassination but it was also the time when young girls sang risqué songs in a salute to Anna Perenna, the aged goddess of New Year and Time who tricked Mars into marriage. For that reason March is also a time when customarily, risky and frivolous behavior is not only tolerated but admired and encouraged.

Lucrative and Risk-Free

The great thing about the All Slots March promotion is that you don’t have to take any risks to play. You simply open the daily email that you receive from All Slots and proceed with your games. The promotion is applicable to all of the All Slots games including to the table games of roulette, baccarat and craps, card games of blackjack and poker, online lotteries which include bingo, keno, scratch card and sic bo and all of the three-reel classic slot machines and the five-reel video online slots.

Read the instructions in your daily email or check the promotions page through your account at the All Slots website to find out what the day’s promotional package has waiting for you. Regardless of whether you’re a high roller or you play for low stakes, you are a new casino gamer or a veteran player or you play on your PC or mobile device you’ll enjoy multiple opportunities every day to add to your gambling entertainment with casino bonus gifts.

What’s Waiting?

The launch for the March bonus give-away is February 28th and the prizes don’t stop pouring in until the end of March. You opt-in to the promotion every day to earn that day’s promotional prize. The value of the bonuses increase, depending on the amount of time that you play and your bets. Basically, the more you play, the higher the number of March bonus prizes that the casino awards you.

Bonus give-aways include cash back deals on 1, 3 or 5 deposits, concert tickets, vacation packages, multipliers of 5 on your loyalty points, unlimited cash back on all of your daily deposits, cash back deals on 1, 2, or 3 deposits, cash back on upcoming deposits, bonuses for tablet players, free spins on your favourite online slots games, log-in bonuses, free spins on pre-determined games and a wide variety of additional surprises.

The Unexpected

According to astrologists, March brings the unexpected, and that’s exactly what you’ll encounter when you play at the All Slots online casino during the month of March.

In addition to your game’s regular payouts and bonus game rounds, you can now add your March bonus promotional gifts to your other casino bonuses.

If you’re a new player you receive an automatic Welcome Bonus of $1630 in match bonus credits PLUS casino cash during your first week of casino entertainment. Every one of your first four deposits at the casino is met with matching casino credits. That means that, during your first week of your gaming adventure, you double your real money play on half the deposit value.

All players receive Loyalty Points on all of their casino activities, with the number of Loyalty points that you receive dependent on the number of games that you play, the amount of time that you play and the level of your deposits.

All Slots also features New Game bonuses for players who compete in any of the new launches which are featured at the casino. VIP players are invited to play in the VIP room where they gamble in an exclusive atmosphere and enjoy high-roller amenities.

Get more casino rewards and satisfaction with non-stop casino action at All Slots this month and enjoy more satisfying casino entertainment.