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The Lucky Leprechaun

Feeling a bit lucky these days? Well you should because you have a chance to play Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots from anywhere you like. This five reel, twenty payline slot will help you stroke the luck of the Irish with your friendly neighborhood Leprechaun holding your hand along the way, who not only sits and fixes shoes but he’s the one who knows where the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow so follow him and catch him if you can.

This classic themed video online slots game is now available for you to play as one of the fastest ways to empty that pot into your own bags but you have to catch the clues and make the best of what the little guy tosses at you. Lucky Leprechaun is one of the most popular online casino games and is high up there in the All Slots games inventory.

Experienced players understand this but if you are just starting out and looking for something to fill your time, this is definitely one of the first places you want to go because it will give you that something you’ve been looking for in an online slots game.

The Wild and Scatter

Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots has all the normal scenarios you’d expect such as a wild and scatter symbol to make your spinning of the reels more than just an action but bring you the action you are seeking. You’ll find the the wild to be the Lucky Leprechaun logo with the game’s name but in the free spins bonus round the wild switches to be the Lucky Leprechaun himself.

The scatter symbol is the shamrock and you get five free spins when you reach one scatter symbol on reel five. To enter the bonus round called the Trail O’ Fortune which is where most of the action occurs you have to score three, four, or five of the bonus round symbols -a big pot of gold. If you come across the green gem stone it’s a short cut to the pot of gold.

In the meantime, once into the Trail O’ Fortune you are presented with four, five, or six spins with each one giving you the potential to get closer to the pot of gold. Along the way you’ll find your bet being multiplied more and more and if you reach the pot of gold there will be an incredible 1000x multiplier so try your Leprechaun hat on for size when you get there because you’ll need it!

Get Lucky now

If you are still not sure about whether you should try out Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots then try it out for free. Yes, you can play this for free and get a sense of what you will be getting yourself into. You’ll see how great the graphics are and that it’s a pleasing environment for the eye.

There’s lots of green and the other symbols include a fiddle, a pipe, glasses of stout, and colorful letters to fill the rest of the reels. You’ll also find the game a pleasure to listen to as the soundtrack included classical Irish instruments that make you want to simply get up and move around with that stout in hand.

It’s for this reason and plenty more that Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots is the destination for so many looking for a great online slots game. The potential for going far exceeds expectation so always keep in mind that although the Leprechaun is guarding his pot at the end of that rainbow he’s the key to your success and he’s the reason you are spinning those reels.