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All Slots Casino – Halloween Sweepstakes

Throughout the month of October the online casino invites you to add seasonal promotional payouts to your base game wins and regular casino bonuses. The All Slots Casino – Halloween Sweepstakes offers a fun-filled chance for online slots players to combine the Halloween celebration with some valuable All Slots Casino promotions give-aways.Throughout the month of October the casino will be giving away $100,000 in rewarding gifts via weekly draws. The more you play, the more chances to have to win the top prizes.

Start every week by checking the number of days that you played during the previous week. Those days translate into draw tickets that you then enter into the week’s draw. Enter more tickets into the draw and increase your chances to add more prizes to your regular gambling activities.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino, on a public console at the Flash Casino or on your mobile smartphone or tablet at the mobile casino. The casino will count up your points from all gambling platforms and will automatically present you with your earned tickets which you can then enter into the week’s draw. There’s $25,000 in draw prizes that are there to be collected every week – enter your tickets and collect your share of the All Slots Casino – Halloween Sweepstakes.


Halloween is a popular holiday in countries throughout the world. The engaging day appeals to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds on almost every continent. The appeal stems from a universal appreciation of the non-religious holiday that focuses on community and fun.

Halloween’s roots were actually anything but fun. The druids of northern Britain are credited with creating the first spooky, late-fall celebrations which were, at that time, gatherings designed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. The Christians appreciated the value of a day in which people dressed in costumes, lit bonfires and acted in silly ways. After Christianity became the dominant religion of northern Britain, the original Samhain festivities were revised to “All Hallows Day” and served as a jovial prelude to the somber All Souls and All Saints Holy Days.

America’s early Protestant puritans didn’t think much of Halloween. They regarded it as a frivolous day in which the merrymaking was derived from pagan rituals. However, the Irish immigration of the 1800s revived Halloween in North America and throughout the 20th century, the celebration spread to other parts of the world. Today, in countries ranging from both North and South American to Australia, England, the Philippines, New Zealand, Japan and many countries in East Asia, children and adults alike engage in Halloween festivities by dressing up, attending parties and collecting treats.

Thanks to the online casino’s Halloween Sweepstakes you can join in a bit of extra interactive Halloween revelry while you add to your casino earnings.

Getting Started

To participate in the October Halloween Sweepstakes, sign into your casino account and navigate to the promotion page. Enter your username and click the “Check My Tickets” button to find out how many tickets you’ve earned for the week’s draw, based on your gambling pursuits of the previous week.

Now, proceed to play your regular casino games. Play your preferred games for as long as you want since you’ll earn Halloween Sweepstakes tickets for all of your gambling activities including the casino’s table games of roulette, baccarat, craps, lotteries games which include scratch card, keno, bingo and sic bo, variety games, live dealer games, card games such as single-hand and multi-hand poker and blackjack and any of the three-reel classic slots or five-reel video slots.

The number of draw tickets that you earn is based on the number of days that you play. To enter your name in the coming week’s draw, either click the “Earn Tickets Now” link on the Halloween Sweepstakes promotions page or click on the link in the promotional email which that will arrive in your inbox. You can also to the promotions page at, located on the Halloween Sweepstakes landing page, and click the “Earn My Tickets” link.

Earning Tickets

If you’ve played three days during a promotional week, you’ll earn 2 tickets for the next week’s draw. If you’ve played for five days during a promotional week, you’ll earn 3 tickets in the next week’s draw. And, to earn the maximum amount of tickets for a week’s draw, simply sign into your All Slots casino account every day during a promotional week to earn five tickets for the next week’s draw.

Alternately, earn tickets via your Loyalty Points. For every 50 Loyalty Points that you accumulate, you’ll receive one ticket for entry into the next week’s draw. Your Loyalty Points, of course, continue to accrue for your regular Loyalty Points prizes and give-aways.

Each week’s draws are held in the week that follows your week of play. You can earn one prize for each draw.

Promotional weeks include:

  • October 6 – October 10 2015. (this is a short round so you won’t be able to earn 5 tickets for the first draw.)
  • October 11 – October 17 2015. (from this week onward, you have the opportunity to earn 5 tickets for playing 7 days).
  • October 18 – October 24 2015
  • October 25 – November 1 2015.
  • Five players will each earn 1,000 credits
  • Ten players will each earn 500 credits
  • Twenty five players will each earn 100 credits
  • Fifty players will each earn 50 credits
  • One hundred players will each earn 25 credits
  • Two hundred players will each earn 10 credits
  • One thousand players will each earn 5 credits


Every week throughout October, the casino will be distributing $25,000 in prize credits.

If you win a draw prize you will receive notification of your win via SMS text message, casino message on your casino profile and in your email inbox.

You can also check you ticket tally at the Leaderboard on

Join in the Halloween festivities while you earn real money prizes when you participate in the All Slots Casino – Halloween Sweepstakes at the online slots casino.