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Game of Thrones Aussie Pokies

Join millions of people who have loved the Game of Thrones theme since it appeared in a series of novels. It was then turned into the popular HBO series and into many other items. And now, as part of the exciting collection comes the Game of Thrones Aussie Pokies. You can’t get more exciting than this Aussie online pokies game that focuses on the themes that you love from the novels by George R. R. Martin. The story is about the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and the noble families who are all fighting to control the Iron Throne. Now, as you get excited for the game, it is important to note that the faces of your favorite characters won’t appear here. Even though it’s licensed by HBO, the characters aren’t here. But the royal feel of the Games of Thrones is here with the objects on display, the golden and silver color choices and more.

Getting Started

As you start to play the online slots games, you’ll notice that this game actually offers two choices. You can play the 15 line version or the 243 Ways to Win version. They are the same game, per se, but they have different betting limits and jackpots. So, get to know the two versions before you jump into your gaming. As the slots games review sites will always explain, you can play in demo mode at first to get a feel for the game. Then, when you understand the intricacies of the game play, you can switch over to play for real mode, winning real cash prizes. The Game of Thrones logos are the wild symbols and they will be stacked on all reels. The Iron Throne symbol will be the scatter one here and it will offer you double payouts. Now, if you have two of the scatters with the online slots games, you’ll get a random cash prize and also a multiplier that ranges from one to ten times your bet amount.

Aussie Online Pokies Fun

The free spins bonus for Australians is more extensive here than it is in many games. With the Game of Thrones Aussie Pokies you’ll get to this part of the game with three or more Iron Thrones symbols. Then, you’ll have four free spins bonus for Australians choices. The Baratheon family offers you eight free games and you’ll have a 5x multiplier with a 3 symbol stack. With the Lannisters you’ll have a 4x multiplier, a four symbol stack and 10 free games. If you select the Starks, you’ll get a whopping 14 free games and a three times multiplier. In addition you’ll have a five symbol stack. With the Targaryen family you’ll get 18 free games. And you’ll have a six symbol stack and a double multiplier. Now, during the free spins bonus for Australians, you’ll also have a chance for even more free spins if you have three or more of the scatters again.

Gambling Fun

There is also a gamble feature with this Aussie online pokies game. You’ll have a coin flip and if you guess correctly then you’ll have a map where you’ll travel and win prizes. All of this adds up to a great deal of fun with the Game of Thrones Aussie Pokies. Not too many games include this many choices along the way and so many fun ways to play. Enjoy the Aussie online pokies today! Head on over to AllSlots Casino and join the fun with the Game of Thrones pokies today.