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A Month of Holiday Fun at All Slots

This month at All Slots and all the other Jackpot Factory Casinos, be sure to check out the most amazing monthly promotion debuted this year so far for online slots players! Just like the beautiful and charming Christmas Markets we see popping up all over the place selling special gifts and treats for the Christmas season, the casino Christmas market for online slots and casino game players has wonderful treats in store for all!

First off let me tell you how it works. The promotion starts this Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 8pm GMT, which is nice and early, so you can get a whole month of shopping in before the end of December! It also ends on January 1, New Year’s Day 2017, at 6:59 GMT so you can ring in the New Year with the exciting grand finale of the promotion!

Let me tell you a little bit more about a Month of Holiday Fun at All Slots, because there is a whole amazing gift-basket full of aspects to this promotion! There are normal four festive rounds to participate in, each one spanning a week’s time, plus one final, fifth,“Gift Sleigh” round, to finish off the promotion during the week of Christmas itself with a Bang!

Where and When do we Play?

Rounds start every 7 days at 8 am, and finish at 6:59 am, this way, participants can have an hour and a minute in between each round to rest and recoup, and get ready for the next exciting round! During these rounds, players can come in and purchase exciting Christmas Market items at any time, with their Christmas coins that they’ve earned, but we’ll discuss this a bit more later!

Before getting to that, I should tell you exactly when the rounds start so that you can mark them on your Month of Holiday Fun at All Slots calendar, and not miss an exciting second of gameplay this Christmas.

The first round starts exactly at 8 am on November 27, 2016, as mentioned before, and ends on December 4, 2016. This round ends at 6:59 am, as do all the rounds.

The next round starts on December 4, 2016 at 8:00 am, and just like the others, goes 7 days until 6:59 am on December 11, 2016. Likewise, the third round starts on December 11, 2016 at 8:00 am GMT, and goes til December 18, 2016 at 6:59 am.

The fourth round, just like the other three starts at 8:00 am on December 18, 2016, and goes a final 7 days till December 25, Christmas Day, in the morning! This round also ends at 6:59 am – and the fifth and final round, the much anticipated bonus gift sleigh round, begins on Christmas morning, exactly at 8:00 am.

And this is precisely the time when we used to wake up and look under the tree for Santa’s gifts as a kid! This exciting final bonus round goes, as stated, from 8:00 am on December 25, Christmas morning til New Year’s Morning, at 6:59 am, so you start the New Year with a BANG!

And How do we Play?

So what exactly happens during these four joyful rounds, you might ask? Well there are charming booths and shops selling festive casino match up bonuses, and magical prize wheels to spin, and free spins on online slots games galore! You can shop for bonuses at each booth if you have enough Christmas Coins to spend, which during the time of the promotion are the same as your Loyalty Points balance.

These coins are valid in a 1:1 ratio (one point=one coin), regardless of what loyalty level you are on. And you can earn more Christmas Coins the same way you earn more loyalty points at the casino, by playing awesome online slots games and earning Christmas coins.

You get one Christmas Coin for every 10 credits wagered on slots games, American roulette and parlour games. And one Christmas Coin for each 20 credits wagered for table poker games including casino war and sicbo (not counting Gold Series Poker).

For video poker games and most table games including Gold Series Poker, craps, baccarat, blackjack, roulette (with the exception of classic blackjack and American roulette, as mentioned above), you get one Christmas Coin for every 100 credits wagered. And for every 500 credits wagered on classic blackjack and American roulette, you get one Christmas Coin.

What about the Gift Prizes?

But back to the Christmas Market this month at the Jackpot Factory Casinos… (For those who don’t yet know, the Jackpot Factory includes All Slots Casino, Wild Jack Casino,All Jackpots Casino, and the VIP Lounge.)

There are three categories of shopping available at the Jackpot Factory Christmas Market. For the first two, you don’t have to deposit any money to gain eligibility. For the third, selling matchup bonuses, you have to deposit cash into your playing account, but then you get awesome cash-matching bonus money

To elaborate even further, the first booth is selling Free Spins, for which you don’t have to deposit even a penny to gain eligibility. The second booth is selling festive Casino Bonuses, where you can use your Christmas Coins to buy great Casino Bonuses. As mentioned previously, the third booth gives you a chance to deposit money and get great Matchup Bonuses!

Also, in addition to all the wonderful Christmas Market Booth shopping mentioned above, once a week (this means once per round!), you get the chance to spin the Magic Christmas Wheel, and win a magical Christmas prize such as Loyalty Multipliers, Free Spins, or even more Christmas Coins!

You can come collect your spin on the Magic Christmas Wheel at any time during the round, but don’t forget to complete your spin by the end of each round, because once the next round has started, you can’t go back and collect your free spin from the previous one!

Also, on December 25, your Christmas Gift and Bonus arrives from dear old Saint Nicholas at the advent of the Gifts Sleigh round, which as you may remember starts at 8:00 am December 25, Christmas Day, and runs through 6:59 am on January first, New Years Day! You can come anytime during this week to collect your Christmas Gift and free bonus, but you must do it during the time frame outlined, before the end of the round!

Furthermore, there will also be a Special Sale at the Market, during which time shoppers can get each of the festive items on sale for a special price! Don’t miss this Sale – the dates of which will be announced during the Market!

So starting on Sunday November 27, 2016, and all through the month of December, be sure to log into your All Slots (or other Jackpot Factory Casino) account early and often and play online slots to capture all the excitement and fun this holiday season has to offer Do NOT miss this month of holiday fun at All Slots – on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet – when you want, where you want!!!