About Us

Some online casino review sites try to cover the full gamut of online and mobile casinos.  Some do succeed in delivering fairly sound and up to date information.  At Allslots Casino Review, we decided to go in a very different direction: to focus our attention with laser-like accuracy on the full gamut of online casino gaming at one location alone.  That online casino, after much research and contact with casino management has turned out to be All Slots Casino.

Mission Statement:

Allslots Casino Review sees its purpose in promoting excellence in online gaming.  We have chosen one casino, a leader in the field, to be our focus.  We did so to help that casino become better than even it thought possible and by extension to influence the entire online gaming industry to strive even more for excellence in online gaming.

Pursuing Excellence

Here are a few of the areas we looked at in determining that All Slots Casino should be our area of focus.  These areas reflect our philosophy regarding online casino gaming.  They are truly About Us.  We used each of them in choosing All Slots.

  • The casino must be fully on board with the necessity for a responsible gambling area where players who think they have a problem can seek help in a completely private venue.  We put this first even though we would rather concentrate on fun.  That’s how important this aspect of gaming is to us.
  • This also means the casino is dedicated to being a source of fun and entertainment for the vast majority of players.  If a casino is out to make money, players feel it some sooner and some later.  We believe strongly that a casino should emphasize fun at all times.  One way All Slots emphasizes fun is by running monthly promotions that make everyone a winner.
  • The casino goes the extra steps to make sure that your money is absolutely safe.  Some casinos lose track of withdrawals after the money has left the cyberspace of the casino itself.  The casino we report on follows your withdrawals until the money has safely arrived in your bank.
  • The casino has a massive store of games in several categories.
  • The casino has tutorials to teach new players new games.
  • The casino welcomes new players with large bonuses.
  • The casino has the most user-friendly promotions.
  • The casino awards loyalty.
  • The casino rewards high rollers with their own VIP Club.  If you’re a high roller, pay attention please.
  • The casino has a mobile casino with a single account for the two casinos taken as one.
  • The casino has a Live Casino to give those players who need live action a place to go.
  • The casino allows unlimited free play.
  • The casino offers 24/7/365 support.

We maintain complete independence even though we singularly report on All Slots.

We work hard to learn from experience.

We are devoted to timely and honest service to the gaming public.

We do whatever it takes to be thought of as relentlessly trustworthy.

We are dedicated to helping online casino gamers see the entertainment value of casino games.